Merch Hub – Centralizing MX Pillar Applications

Merch Hub is a comprehensive product platform designed to centralize various applications within the MX (Merchandising Excellence) pillar. The platform aims to streamline user experience through single sign-on (SSO), a unified notifications framework, and centralized access management. This case study explores the development, implementation, and impact of Merch Hub on the organization.

Why Merch Hub?

The MX pillar encompasses multiple applications critical for merchandising operations, including inventory management, sales forecasting, and promotional planning. Historically, these applications operated in silos, leading to fragmented user experiences, redundant data entry, and inconsistent access control mechanisms. This decentralization resulted in inefficiencies and increased operational overhead.

“Getting everything together…we have got to have one place to do everything & Category Managers can’t continue to work off of, you know, 20 different applications at any point…Across…every piece of the business but we can certainly start one piece at a time” – Category Manager

“Streamline so we are not looking at multiple applications and create time savings for our CMs…would be the dream” – Director

A vision of the future

At the start of our journey to make a seamless cohesive experience for our users, it was important to broadcast the vision of where we are heading. Getting buy-in from our partners was key in making Merch Hub a reality. With that in mind, MX Core developed a vision of the future where connected experiences would be possible and presented it out at a Merchandising pillar on-site.

Introducing Merch Hub

This year we launched the beginning of the seamless experience for our users enabling SSO capabilities and a common dashboard the launches their applications without the need to authenticate every time.

Navigate from anywhere

The global navigation element to applications onboarded onto Merch Hub allows users to quickly jump across areas to complete a workflow.

Centralized Notifications

Brining common notifications to a centralized area allows for better visibility on the outstanding steps needed to complete their daily tasks.


Merch Hub successfully centralized the MX pillar applications, providing a streamlined, efficient, and secure user experience. By addressing the challenges of integration and change management, the platform delivered significant operational benefits and set the stage for future growth. This case study demonstrates the value of a centralized platform approach in improving enterprise application ecosystems.